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Small Business Owner Shooting Video Marketing Content

The Importance of Video Marketing for Your Business

You thought video marketing was only meant for big corporations and businesses that have a hefty marketing budget. You’re wrong. 

But that’s okay because you’re going to use the tips in this article to make your own marketing videos for free (and it’ll be pretty easy as well, we promise). On a scale from 1-10, the importance of video marketing for your business is at least a 10/10. 

Many people will watch video content and 85% of them say that video helps them connect with brands more effectively. And if you’re looking to drive leads, increase sales and build relationships with your customers like never before,  the importance of video marketing is an 11/10

Let’s dispel some myths and get you started.


You Don’t Need a Budget

More than ever, people are looking to make a connection with the companies they buy from. One of the simplest, cost-free ways to do that is with a self-shot smartphone video. You don’t need a set or backdrop, use your phone’s flip camera wherever you may be– your workshop, your parking lot, your back yard, your car (parked of course). 

For lighting, just follow the simple rule of thumb that you never want your light source behind you, or you’ll look like you’re in the witness protection program. And if you’re filming outdoors try to find a place where you’re not squinting or putting your hand over your eyes if possible.


You Don’t Need a Fancy Camera

You won’t have to drop hundreds (or thousands) on new gear– the smartphone in your pocket has a better quality camera and microphone than Spielberg had access to most of his career.

Don’t feel like an amateur if you use your smartphone to film video, you’re on a level playing field with Hollywood celebrities, pro athletes, and other business owners. 

Take a look at the videos that are popular, and you’ll see that there are videos with millions of views that were filmed ad-hoc on a smartphone. If you do want to dive in and get yourself an entry-level camera, be sure you check out customers reviews and lists on trusted sites like TechRadar.


You Don’t Need to be an Actor

Your customers want to get to know you. If you want to build trust with your audience, be yourself, and don’t be self-conscious about it. 

Think of it this way: you might cringe when you see yourself on camera or hear your own voice, but the hard truth is that this is how people see and hear you every day. 

Don’t feel like you have to put on a facade either. You need to be the same person on camera and off camera so your customers know that you’re genuine. 


What Should Your Videos Be About?

Keep your videos short and simple: think 30 seconds to 1 minute starting out. Remember, we’re developing a long-term sustainable marketing strategy.  Your video is going to include three simple things: 


  • Say your name and your company
  • One thing that you want to make current and potential customers aware of
  • A call to action

For the one thing you want to talk about, it could be a product or service you offer, a promotion you’re having, or an update that you’re proud of such as an award or milestone for your business.

Note: You get bonus points if you can bring up a pain point that your target audience has, and then offer them your solution.

Combining those three simple elements, here are some examples of a sample video script.


Pizza Place

  1. “Hi, this is Big Roy from Tony’s Pizza.”
  2. “Are you having a crazy busy week and need a break from cooking dinner? Try our new family pizza deal here at Tony’s pizza for only $22.” 
  3. “Click the number in the post and order ahead now.” 


Lawn Service

  1. “Hi, this is Sarah from Sarah’s Lawn Care.”
  2. “Are you tired of a sunburnt neck, and wasting two hours of your weekend to keep your yard looking decent?”
  3. “Comment on this post for a free consultation from Sarah’s Lawn Care.”

Notice we only ask the customer to do
one thing. This is key. Don’t ask them to call, email, like the video, like your Facebook page. These sorts of videos are great on a social network, and don’t be afraid to ask for that coveted social share from viewers.


Get Your Customers to Be the Star

One of the most powerful videos you can share with people on social media platforms and your website is a customer testimonial.

A marketing campaign where you talk about how great you are can work very well, but it will never be as powerful as when a truly happy customer talks about how awesome your product or service is.

If you have a particularly great experience with a customer, ask them if they’d be willing to give you a quick video testimonial. You can even incentivize them with a small percentage off of their bill or next service, or give them a $5 Starbucks gift card (the return on investment will be worth it, trust us). 

Have them start the video with “I highly recommend [your business] for [your service],” and then let them speak from the heart so it doesn’t sound coached.


You Have the Time

We know you’re constantly busy and trying to maintain a work/life balance. That’s the plight of most business owners. But the amount of time you really need to make a video is less than you think.

Starting out, don’t kill yourself, set a goal to film one video a week, spending no more than 15 minutes doing so. 

This is not only doable, but once you get started, you may find that you get into a rhythm and film two or three videos. Perfect, now you’re a few weeks ahead, and can stay that way by continuing your weekly filming sessions.

As you gain more experience, you’ll naturally get better at filming, and can begin to learn more formal video creation techniques from a plethora of educational online resources.


One Small Warning

Until you’re a little more comfortable (or unless you’re a natural), give yourself a few videos (or more) to practice before you jump into doing live videos. Live video can get stale and awkward pretty quick for the inexperienced. 


Importance of Using Video Marketing in Your Business 

Video marketing is an amazing way to connect with countless people (both current and potential customers), and boost your profits– but you still might not be convinced you can do it on your own. 

If you’re looking to take your video marketing to the next level, we’ve got you covered. We produce amazing, high-quality video ads for a price that’s fair and affordable for small businesses. 

We understand how to leverage your videos for an amazing click through rate, and can also help you get higher conversion rates with video landing pages.

We also specialize in explainer videos specific to your industry that can help you rank in search engines.

Contact us today to get a no-pressure, 100% free consultation. Let’s see what Good Rep Media can do for your video marketing campaigns.


Tim Kearney

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