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Results you should Expect from Video Ad Creations

Small business video creations have taken over the internet. From TikTok videos to Instagram Reels, small businesses are utilizing this tool to reach out to potential customers. 

Since the pandemic started almost a year ago companies are finding new ways to advertise, promote, and educate others on their products and services. Video ad creations have become so popular that 66% of consumers prefer watching a video over reading a product. So why not jump on the video marketing train? Here is a list of a few benefits in which video ads will give to your small business.

  • Return of Investment

In a 2020 Wyzowl report, 80% of businesses say video ads have directly helped them increase sales. Video ads can include anything from how-to instructional guides to showings of your products or service. This can help educate consumers about your small business. On average, people watch 16 hours of online videos per week (that’s a little over 2 hours a day). Those are two hours a day your small business has the opportunity to present them with a video ad. 

Adding videos to your pages can even increase traffic to your website. When a video pops up compared to having to read a paragraph, more than likely someone is going to choose the video because it’s quicker and, let’s face it, people have short attention spans. Having a video on your webpage or social media account will maintain your consumers’ interest. 

  • Consumers Respond

A video that provides valuable information and raises brand awareness in a unique way is much more likely to be shared by your audience on social media. Since Youtube has become the number one video marketing/sharing website consumers are constantly watching videos. 

Unfortunately, only 9% of small businesses have a youtube channel which seems oddly low considering businesses have confirmed that video ads have increased their revenue by 50%. There is an entire market for ads and video content that small businesses are missing out on, dismissing another way to reach out to their clients. Every share, every comment, and every like will increase the productivity of any small business. Even 93% of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media.

  • Mobile Marketing

Smartphones have pretty much dominated the gadget market, which consumers use to access any information they want, including online stores. More often than not, people are watching videos on their phones due to any website optimized for mobile use. It’s quicker to watch a video than reading a whole blog post because people want their information, no matter what it is, as quickly as possible. 

Video marketing is more than just a current trend. It is reconstructing the way people are advertising their products and services. It is quick, informative, and an easy way to reach out to your audience through a platform everyone can respond to. Whether it’s on their smartphone or laptop computer, small businesses will thrive through video marketing, making their investment worth the extra work. 

If you’d like to start posting videos for your small business, but don’t know how head on over to Vybe Video and we’ll be glad to assist you on this new journey.


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