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So your site is fully launched, and you’re crushing your on-page SEO optimization– so what can take you to the next level? The answer is what is known as off-page search engine optimization (or off-page SEO)… also known as link building. It’s time to take your online authority up a notch with our link building services.

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All too often we see companies who master their on-page SEO and technical SEO but never see growth in their search engine rankings. Why is that? Because they don’t realize how important link building is to their overall rankings. When you can secure backlinks from high-authority referring domains, it sends crucial trust signals to search engines, which is a pivotal part of climbing the SEO ranks.

Why is Link Building Critical to SEO

Think of it this way…

When another site backlinks to your site, they’re telling all of their visitors– and all of the search engines– that you can be trusted. The more trust you build this way, the better you’ll rank.

Backlinking and Domain Authority

Backlinks are other sites saying ‘we trust this company’…

When you get enough backlinks from high-quality, reputable sources, your site gains relevance in the eyes of search engines like Google. It’s not just about quantity however, you’re looking for links from sites with high domain authority (DA) scores.

What is Domain Authority

The phrase domain authority (or DA)  refers to a ranking score of a website. This DA score is an estimate of the quality of a website, and how well it can potentially rank in search engine ratings. DA is on a scale from 1-100, with 100 being the highest score.

Let the Link Juice Flow

A phrase in the world of backlinking is ‘link juice’. Link juice is a casual way to refer to how a site’s DA score can help your site if they backlink you. When a site with a high DA score backlinks to your site, it passes on its link juice to your site.

Backlinks from High DA Sites

Can links from sites that have lower domain authority (DA) scores help you? Well, it depends. Backlinking is about getting links from anywhere and everywhere. Backlinks from sites with low DA scores won’t do much in the way of helping you rank. To make matters worse, if you get backlinks from sites that have a bad reputation with search engines, it can actually hurt your rankings.

What are some mistakes companies make?

  • Focus on the quantity of backlinks over quality
  • Not being selective with where you get your backlinks
  • Buying backlinks that use illicit tactics to rank
  • Paying way too much for backlinks that don’t help


Know that you won’t fool the search engines– their algorithms are finely tuned for people who are trying to game the backlink system. Remember: bad backlinks are far worse than little or no backlinks.

The Right Way to Approach

a Backlink Strategy

It Starts With Content

What is a backlink, really? It’s a name check that calls out a valuable piece of content that you’ve created, with a linked pathway for people to get there. The best way to get backlinks is to have excellent content that people will link to (sometimes without being asked) because it’s a no-brainer.

Show Strong Trust Signals

Some sites are using illicit link building methods (also known as black hat link building) and they aren’t even aware of it. This can happen if they hire the wrong company to get results. Here at Good Rep, we use reputable link building (known as white hat) to send strong trust signals to other sites and search engines.

Be Choosy

It can be tempting to try to get backlinks anywhere you can, however, this is almost never a sound strategy. You want to attempt to not only get backlinks from websites with high domain authority scores, but also on sites where your content will be relevant and match user intent. 

Audit Your Backlinks

There are ways to run an audit that shows all of the websites that are backlinking to you. On this report, there will be a listing of potentially ‘toxic’ backlinks– backlinks that are from websites that aren’t trusted by search engines. You want to get these backlinks removed, so they don’t muddy your clean SEO water.

Our Link Building Strategies

Backlink Audits

We’ll develop a healthy backlink profile for you by removing all backlinks that would be seen as untrustworthy to Google and other search engines. Conversely, we’ll identify high-value backlinks to target for the best results and most growth.

Keyword Strategies

The use of meaningful, topical keywords is critical to the anchor text in your link building. Our team will perform extensive keyword research to develop the perfect strategy for content development and backlink acquisition.

Competitive Analysis

We’ll take a deep dive into the backlink strategies of your competitors. By identifying where they are succeeding– and failing– we’ll help you identify the most profitable and beneficial link building opportunities to go after to gain market share.

Relationship Management

If you already have some trustworthy domains that are backlinking to you, it’s important to cultivate those relationships. Our team will help you build meaningful relationships with the journalists, webmasters, and bloggers who are already backlinking your site.

Broken Link Repair

Your website is a living, breathing thing, and if you’re not careful, your site structure will change and incoming backlinks will break, leading to 404 pages. By checking for this issue and monitoring it regularly, you don’t ever have to lose a valuable backlink again.

Targeted Content Edits

Another tool in our toolbelt is finding meaningful existing content, and then attempting to gain space within it. How? By offering contextual, authoritative additions such as backlinks, infographics, or case studies.

Guest Posting

Our team has content specialists standing by who are able to create interesting, unique content just for you. We’ll work with you to ensure this content is rich with the perfect information, and then submit it as a guest post on an authoritative website, allowing you to reach new audiences with your brand.

Press Releases

Press releases are more prolific than ever, and we understand how to leverage that. We’ll create engaging, informative press releases that will be spread digitally across a sprawling network of news outlets. You’ll gain exponential exposure and reach new audiences.

Brand Placement

There are probably people mentioning your brand online somewhere. Did you know that we can reach out on your behalf and take these already-existing mentions and turn them into invaluable backlinks? Claiming unlinked brand mentions is a powerful way to gain SEO traction.

What is the Good Rep Difference?

As you’ve seen so far, a thorough and successful backlink strategy requires attention to technical detail and consistency. Not only that, but it requires thinking outside of the box and getting creative. So what is the Good Rep Difference?

The Pillars:

High Authority Domains

There’s no question– for your link building campaign to be successful, you need to get backlinks from multiple high-quality websites– and that’s exactly what we do.

Tailor Made Strategies

We never use a cookie-cutter approach. Our team will work closely with you to develop a custom, white-hat link building strategy that matches your company’s goals perfectly. 

An Expert Team

Our team is made up of link building experts with years of field-tested experience. Not only that, but they genuinely care– something that makes all the difference in a digital world.

Are You Ready for Us to…

Create and Execute a Backlink Strategy that Improves Your SEO Rankings?

Focusing on a backlinking strategy is a full-time job– which is where we come in. Rather than taxing your internal resources on something that is complex and time-consuming, you can hand off the job to us. When you outsource your SEO backlinking services to Good Rep Media, we’re able to secure the right backlinks from high-authority sites in a way that’s scalable. 

When you work with Good Rep for Your Backlinking…

It won’t take long for you to see that we’re in it for the long haul. We’re fully committed to proving ourselves early, and continuing to do so with the consistency of our work. We strive to continuously provide value and earn our keep when it comes to a profitable backlinking strategy.

Here’s a list of some of the growth strategies we’ll use to formulate and execute the perfect backlinking strategy for your business:

Strategy Meetings

We find success by pairing our deep level of expertise with your intimate knowledge of your industry and market. We’ll meet with you and your project managers to collaborate and brainstorm to maximize the growth we can achieve through your backlink strategy.

In-Depth Website Audit

One of the first things we’ll do is take a deep dive into your website overall. We’ll start by seeing what your best-performing pages are as a benchmark for what’s working. From there, we’ll identify any underperforming pages and fix broken links. We’ll then take all we learn and build a solid strategy to fill content gaps.

Identify Clear Goals

We make sure that all of our backlinking campaigns are centered around intelligent goals that make financial sense. We’ll map out the perfect keyword strategy, content marketing plan, and backlinking strategies to get meaningful, measurable results.

White Hat Link Building

As we’ve mentioned, if you use black hat backlink tactics, it can be the kiss of death for any of your website’s hard-earned organic progress. Here at Good Rep Media, we only use white hat techniques. This means that every part of our strategy will send out top-tier trust signals to boost your rankings.

Grow Your Target-Audience

It’s just about growth– it’s about meaningful growth. We not only want to increase your search engine rankings with our backlinking strategies, but we also want to grow your exact target audience. All of our strategies for SEO– on-page and off-page– will be centered around reaching and growing your target audience. 

An Expert Link Building Team

Our link building team are seasoned veterans with combined decades in backlinking (not to mention the digital marketing industry as a whole). They know what white hat methods actually work in the real world, and what black hat methods to avoid. Our team has a strong grasp on how to properly represent your brand and get meaningful results.

Are You Ready to Work With a Personable, Results-Driven Agency?

About Good Rep Media

Here at Good Rep Media, we’re a team of veteran digital marketers who will treat your brand with as much love, care, and attention as our very own. We want to partner with businesses just like yours to provide real results and a human connection with people you can trust. 

Our hope is to go beyond being just a conversion rate optimization service provider, and becoming a valued partner that gets you the results you deserve.