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Get more leads and sales from local searches by showing up when people are looking for exactly what you do. Local search engine optimization (SEO) starts by researching specific keywords that people search online and optimizing your online presence to show up for those searches.  This leads to more traffic, more sales, and higher revenue.

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The most staggering local SEO statistic of all is that 44%– almost half– of all business owners have never created or claimed their Google Business Profile listing. That’s basically telling Google you don’t want to be found. Have you created or claimed your listing?

The #1 Local SEO Mistake

Most companies don’t understand…

that customers are searching for what they do, not their specific business. Only 16% of local customer searches are for an exact business. Don’t lose money waiting for the 16%– optimize your listing to be discovered by the 84%.

How Local SEO Works

Local SEO is its own unique entity…

when it comes to being found online. This is because of the unique and specific local ranking signals it uses. By showing Google and other search engines the signals they want to see, your rankings can skyrocket.

Trust Comes First

Local SEO is all about trust. You have to know what “trust signals” directories like Google are looking for. When you pair that with business-specific terms like “auto repair near me” or “flower shop grand rapids”, you have the foundation of local SEO.

Why Local Visibility Matters

People who use local search terms on Google– phrases like “near me” or “grand rapids”– are some of the most active buyers across the entire internet. According to HubSpot, 72% of consumers conducting local searches interacted with a local business within five miles.

Sending the Right Signals

Google Maps looks at very specific signals when it comes to ranking locally. These signals are very targeted to the geography of you and your business. These local signals are so powerful that it’s why even the biggest pizza chain in your state with the best SEO marketing department doesn’t stand a chance against your local pizza joint if you optimize your local presence.

Signals like:

  • Local content with the correct tags and data
  • Local interaction from geographically close social profiles
  • Local links and citations
  • Foot traffic to a brick-and-mortar location

And this is just the beginning. When customers interact with your business locally online, it shows that you’re relevant. If you capitalize on these interactions and set yourself up for more of them, you can improve organic traffic in nearby areas.

Why Local SEO is Crucial for

Small Business

Capture Active Buyers

People searching for local businesses on Google are researching to buy, and usually looking to buy within the next 2-3 days. By using local SEO, you’re connecting with people when they’re making their buying decisions.

Stop Being Invisible

Customers looking for what you do will find you quickly and easily instead of your competitors. Did you know that if you’re not showing up in the top three spots on Google Maps you’re typically not even in the running in the mind of the customer? 

Build Better Relationships

Local SEO involves creating valuable, local content. This content will actually help solve customers’ common problems, positioning you as a local industry expert and leader. This is often the start of long-term customer relationships (when before people couldn’t even find you).

Affordable and Powerful

When it comes to getting a return on your investment, local SEO is at the top of the list. Local SEO is a fraction of the cost of traditional SEO, and gets you tangible results from people in your area. Building a local reputation means building the future of your business.  

Eye-Opening Local SEO Facts

Top Three or Nothing

When your business ranks in the first three results of a local search on platforms like Google Maps and others, you’ll beat out competitors and generate more business. But what happens when you don’t rank in these spots? You don’t get found.

200% More 'Near Me'

Did you know that the number of searches that include the phrase ‘near me’ has increased by over 200% in the last two years? This means that more people than ever are searching for places nearby to make a purchase.

93% are Looking

Did you know that 93% of consumers used online searches to find a local business near them? This means that if you want to be found by the majority of your customers, you’ll need to have a strong online presence locally.

Almost Half are Falling

As we mentioned before, 44% of local businesses– again, almost half– have never created or claimed their Google Business Profile listing. This is basically the same as telling Google, “I don’t care about people finding me.”

More Than Half are Mediocre

For those that do have their Google Business Profile created, claimed, and filled out, 58% are in trouble. That’s the percentage of listings that have incorrect, outdated, confusing, or poorly optimized information. Is that you?

More Store Visitors

Did you know that 76% of people who are online searching for local businesses visit one in 24 hours– or sooner? When people are taking out their smartphones to search for local businesses, it’s because they’re about to make a purchase.

More Contacts

People will use your Google Maps listing to connect with you directly– if you let them. Statistics show that 64% of smartphone users will directly contact local businesses using their Google Business Profile contact information. Are your details up to date?

You're Being Judged

A staggering 90% of customers read reviews online before making a buying decision, and the #1 place to see a company’s local reviews is on Google Maps. How many reviews do you have? What’s your overall score? It matters.

Images Matter

Statistics show that Google Business Profile listings with photos are twice as likely to earn customer trust. In fact, customer behavior shows that if you don’t have updated photos (or worse, no photos at all) customer trust plummets.

So How Do We Do It?

Our approach uses a few main pillars that are supported by a detailed, nuanced strategy that will make your business show up in more searches locally.

The Pillars:

Google Business Profile

We’ll help you set up, claim, and optimize the information & photos in your Google Business Profile (the most critical listing) to improve your ranking


Once your Google profile is optimized and tuned up, we’ll get your business listed in over 50 more major directories like Yelp, Apple Maps, Waze, Yellowpages, and many more.

Website Development & SEO

We’ll create authentic, meaningful content across your website and social media channels, to help your listing show up more in online searches.

Again, these are only the beginning, and there are many pieces that come together to make an effective local SEO strategy.

Are You Ready for Us to…

Improve Your Local SEO Results and Get You More Customers?

We can take care of everything and provide you with an industry-leading, turnkey service for local SEO. We’re here to help. 
Let’s have a quick conversation to see what sort of shape your listing is in, and what we can do to get it tuned up. 
Want to be found and get more customers? Contact us today.

When you work with us here at Good Rep Media…

we’re looking to form a long-term relationship with business owners who are interested in real results. We work hard to not only impress you at the beginning of our relationship, but also every step of the way moving forward.

Here’s an in-depth list of what we’ll do (and help you do) to continue to optimize your local SEO long term:

Authentic Engagement

Google is looking for businesses that are actively connecting with their customers locally. By making meaningful posts, encouraging customers to leave reviews, and authentically responding to customer comments and reviews, we’ll be sending all the right signals to Google.

Ongoing Improvements

Your Google Business listing is a living, organic thing. Setting it up, and initial optimization, is only the beginning. We’ll keep a watchful eye on your listing’s analytics to double down on what’s working and explore new territory to expand into.

Social Media Sharing

Google is watching more closely than ever for companies to share Google Business Listing content on social media. Google looks favorably upon sharing any meaningful updates that may occur on your listing on social media, so that will be a part of our strategy.

Build Listing Consistency

It’s very common for a company to have conflicting information about their name, address, and phone number across different online locations. We’ll work to ensure that your information online is consistent and correct– a huge signal to local search engines.

Directory Inclusion

It’s not common knowledge, but large apps like Google, Trip Advisor, Apple, Bing, and Yelp actually use outside data sources for their services. By making sure your listings within these data sources are consistent, you can improve your rank dramatically.

Local SEO Audits

You shouldn’t just hope your local SEO strategy is working, your local SEO processes should be audited regularly. We’ll go through your Google Business Listing, Search Console, citations, and on-page SEO and continue to tweak and improve.

Continued Optimization

As we learn more about what is getting results for your business, we’ll continue to optimize your URLs, headers, meta descriptions, and more. By doubling down on how people are finding you, you’ll show up in more searches.

Create Local Content

Google is very smart when it comes to how it looks at local content. By creating content that features other local businesses, locations, news, and photos, you’ll become more of a local authority. This gives your listing weight before anyone even searches.

Get Local Backlinks

Did you know that when it comes to local SEO, a trusted link from a place near you can do more for your rankings than a link from a massive corporation? Getting backlinks from local businesses that have relevance and authority can help your rank immensely.

Be a Part Locally

The more your Google Business Listing (and linked social media) show that you’re a part of the community, the more favorable your company looks to Google. Being a part of local events and organizations can help your listing rise above the rest.

Are You Ready To Partner With A Results Oriented Agency?

Why We Focus on Local SEO

After meeting with a variety of small business clients since 2020, we’ve determined that the #1 long-term strategy for small business lead generation is Local SEO.

That’s because when people are searching for what you do on Google – they normally have the highest intent to purchase of almost any type of online lead.

We also specialize in content marketing & social media advertising.

We understand that successful marketing in the digital age involves creating online content that actually means something to viewers. We don’t just create content to rank on Google – we create content that turns your customers into fans of your brand.

What to Expect From Our Local SEO Services

Showing up in the top spots of a local Google search means a steady stream of FREE traffic and customers.

After a typical ranking period of 60-90 days –  during which we will optimize your website’s content, create new content, and promote your website with link building campaigns – you’ll get more phone calls, more inquiries online, and most importantly– more foot traffic to your store. All of these things lead to more sales.

Transparent Reporting

We’ll keep you up to date with weekly and monthly ranking PDF & video reports, as well as one-on-one success meetings.

Long-Term Relationship

Our #1 priority is to help your business regularly reach new customers, and we’re willing to do what it takes to make that happen.

Increased Visibility

Once your business starts ranking in the top spots of the keywords we target – you’ll feel it. More phone calls, leads, & sales.

Relevant Website Content

Our copywriters will work with you to make sure that the content we create actually informs & creates a bond with customers.

More Customers

People who use local search terms on Google– phrases like “near me” or “grand rapids”– are some of the most active buyers across the entire internet. According to HubSpot, 72% of consumers conducting local searches interacted with a local business within five miles.

Better Reputation

Our reputation management team is the best when it comes to local SEO. We’ll monitor your biggest channels like Google & Facebook for any reviews – positive or negative – and respond accordingly on your behalf