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The Basics Of Increasing Your Ranking on Google Search

Where your website shows up on Google has become a key denominator in whether your small business succeeds or not. a higher will increase the likelihood of someone clicking on your website. To improve your Google ranking take a look at these simple tricks. 


The quality of your content affects your online ranking among search engines. This can be done by simply having relevant keywords and updating your website on a regular basis. 

Keyword Phrases

Specific phrases will help your audience find your website. Think of similar phrases (otherwise known as long-tail keywords) for each of your pages in order to rank higher. It is helpful to have 5-10 different keywords that pertain to your business and using them throughout your website.  For example, “specializes in media’ and “media assistance” are very much alike, but are different enough to where it impacts the search engine result. 

When you put multiple keywords on separate pages you are also helping create traffic for your website. If your keywords are placed within your title, headings, and subheadings this will help your web pages rank higher. 

Emphasizing Tags

Highlighting your keywords can help your reader see what your website and pages are all about. 


Having good quality backlinks on your page will help build organic traffic and provide credibility for your site. But you can only achieve these when you have good links.


Links from one site to another. These backlinks indicate to Google that other websites find your website valuable enough to their audience that they are willing to drive traffic. When your backlinks are coming from high domain authority websites, ones that Google recognizes as reputable gives your website a better reputation and ranking in the search engine. 

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The more backlinks you have coming from reputable sites, the more sure your site provides value and has content so that other websites want to link you. But always make sure your links are correct, even your internal links. If your links are broken then no one can get to your site. 


Making your website as productive as possible helps secure your high ranking. Search engine optimization is the best way to get your site to appear in your target audience’s search queries, creating organic traffic. For that to successfully happen your site should possess these three search types.

Local Search

If you are a local business then most people will try finding you by searching with the phrase “near me”. By making sure your business comes up you must claim it on Google My Business as well as adding it to other directories, you increase the likelihood of customers finding your business. Receiving online reviews and considering local search ads will also help increase your regional reputation.

Voice Search

Online searches are just as likely to be handled by Siri, Alexa, Cortana, or Google Assistant. Statistics have shown that 50% of searches have been made by voice command. To optimize your site for voice searches your keywords should come from everyday language, or from your frequently asked questions page. It is also vital to make your site more mobile-friendly by adding features like click-to-call and an easy navigation bar. Making your website optimized for mobile, making sure it can format on a smartphone, will help consumers find your business. When searching with their smartphone, 51% of those users discovered a new company or product. 

Image searching has increased in popularity so much recently to where it has made up 27% of all searches made in the US. To ensure that your pictures are easier to find, confirm they are of good quality, the file size isn’t too big, and use alt text, geotags, and metadata to ensure that Google can categorize your images correctly. 

Alt text is a description underneath your images to help explain the purpose of the image, a geotag is location information in the form of geographical metadata in the form of longitude and latitude coordinates, and metadata is basically data in data. Metadata is the most important because that is what search engines read when indexing your website.

Whether it’s on a computer or a mobile device, making sure that your content, links, and organic searches are optimized to perfection in order to have search engines correctly list your website. By providing a positive user experience will encourage them to write good reviews, talk about your site on blog posts, and overall, rank your business 5 stars. 


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