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3 Signs That Your Small Business Needs To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

Are you a small business that’s handling all of your own marketing? If so, then this article is for you. Because if we’re all being honest with each other, trying to handle all of the marketing duties yourself in addition to everything else that you’re in charge of is probably killing you slowly. 


Now, don’t back away and run at the next thing we tell you because we promise we have your best interests in mind. So with that said… it might be time to hire a digital marketing company. 


Wait, before you click away, just hear us out. We work with small businesses like yours all the time, and win them over once they hear what we have to say. 


Let’s face it, marketing isn’t a part-time job you can just do sporadically and get any sort of meaningful results. It requires planning, analyzing data, marketing insights, and experience to execute a marketing plan that works. Marketing isn’t a thing you can do reactively either– it takes careful consideration and measured strategy to get the results that most businesses are looking for– which is a return on their investment and an increase beyond that. 

Your small business might need a marketing agency, how do you know?

Effective digital marketing takes a dedicated, well-thought plan, and that takes a lot of time and effort.


You barely have time to do all of the other responsibilities that fall on you, so do you really have the time to plan and then implement and then measure a digital marketing plan that will work?


In our experience, the historical answer is no. But let’s not end the conversation there. Let’s talk to you about some of the things you might be experiencing that will prove that you shouldn’t be going it alone. 


In this article, we’re going to talk to you about three signs that your small business needs to hire a digital marketing agency. 


Sign #1: Your Revenue is Slowing Down or Flatlining

Is your small business revenue flatlining? You might need marketing help.

Are you experiencing a bit of a drought when it comes to sales? Are you relying solely on your core customer base and repeat sales without growing any new business? If you’re going to succeed as a business you have to have a marketing plan that covers a variety of bases. You need to be nurturing existing customers and capturing new ones, and if you’re not you won’t be making the revenue you need to thrive (or even survive). 


You need potential customers. Prospects. Leads. Whatever you want to call them, new customers are essential to any small business, and in the times we live in it’s never been more competitive. This is especially the case when most customers are choosing who they do business with online. Small businesses that don’t have a solid digital marketing strategy and online presence aren’t even getting a shot at the potential business. If your competitors have an even halfway-decent digital marketing strategy they’re going to beat you every time. 


Do you find yourself feeling like you’re chasing your tail and not getting any traction on generating new leads and customers? This can also take your time from other aspects of your business which can also suffer as a result of your divided attention. 


This is where a digital marketing agency can help. When you have the right marketing company that you’re partnered with, they handle the generation of leads and new customers, which equal the sales you need.


Marketing companies will be able to help you stay in front of your existing customers and get new ones easily while you can do what you do best, which is focus on the core pillars of your business. 


Sign #2: Marketing is Eating Your Time Away

Do you have time to handle your small business digital marketing well?

To do marketing properly, it’s really a full-time job. It can be easy to fool yourself into thinking that you can just “do some marketing here or there”, but ask yourself this question: what else does that work with inside your business? 


Typically can something is done sporadically when you have extra time, it’s not getting your full attention as often as it should be. That’s the place where marketing and digital marketing lies with many of the small businesses that we work with. 


If you’re doing marketing correctly, you’re constantly reviewing, tweaking, changing, and testing, and the results should speak for themselves. If you’re handling the marketing of your company yourself, it’s very likely eating away any spare time you have– and that’s still not enough time to get the job done properly. 


Remember that working with a digital marketing agency doesn’t mean giving up your own vision for the company. A great digital marketing company will take your vision for your business and match it with their expertise. This gives the most concentrated, best version of a marketing strategy you can have, and the best part is that it costs you almost no time at all. 


For you to have the time you need to run your business to the standard of excellence you hold, it’s time to hire a digital marketing company to do the heavy lifting and let you be the visionary. 

Sign #3: The Digital Marketing Landscape is Changing Too Rapidly to Keep Up 

Can you keep up with the ever-changing face of digital marketing for your small business?

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the digital landscape of the world is changing every day, and the pace is only getting more and more rapid. One of the biggest frustrations of a small business owner is the situation where you seem to just gain an understanding of a marketing method, and it changes drastically on you. 


Here’s a Situation We See All Too Often

This story starts with you, a small business owner or partner, deciding you’re going to dig in and educate yourself on digital marketing so you can grow your company. You start out by watching some YouTube videos to get a general idea of the marketing platform you’re attempting to learn– in this example, let’s use Facebook


So after several hours of learning Facebook marketing through YouTube, you decide to take the plunge and buy a paid online course. So you pony up anywhere from hundreds to thousands for an in-depth course on Facebook advertising. It takes you hours to finish, and costs you some nights and weekends, but you make it through the course. 


The time has come. You start building your own Facebook ads. Firstly, you have to refer back to the course multiple times, and even then there are things that aren’t too clear. But you power through and persevere. So you slowly start to get the hang of it and actually start seeing some small results. 


Eventually, you get decent at it, and you have some ads and campaigns that work pretty well, and all you have to do is feed some money into them to get results.  


Life is pretty good, and you’re proud of your accomplishments on Facebook ads. But that’s when the unthinkable happens… Facebook changes the way they handle their marketing.


Sometimes it’s due to outside circumstances (like an iOS update that clips them at the knees), and sometimes it’s due to getting in some legal trouble– or any other number of circumstances. The fact is, the change is here, it’s real, and you’re affected by it. 


We’ve known business owners who have gone from successful and experienced to starting at square one overnight on certain marketing platforms. And when something like this happens, it’s too new to jump online and get a course for.


You need an experienced team with insider insights, decades of experience, and the ability to pivot quickly and accurately for your business no matter what the marketing platform is. 


This is where having a digital marketing team in your corner is absolutely invaluable, and can be the one thing that keeps you ahead of the curve when the competition is struggling to keep their head above water after a marketing platform changes.

Unless You Started a Marketing Business, You Didn’t Go Into Business to Do Marketing

You started a business for a reason: because you’re passionate about doing what you’re great at. And unless the thing you’re great at happens to be digital marketing, then why are you wasting your time when you could be helping others with your specialized skills?


Let’s use the example of a doctor. Doctors are able to help people be well. And if a doctor chooses to take fewer patients to learn digital marketing and handle that aspect, then theoretically they’re taking fewer patients, and helping fewer people. 


You may not be a doctor, but what you do is important, and your products and services are helping the people who use them. When you focus on digital marketing instead of what you’re excellent at, not only are you putting yourself in a situation where you’re likely to be unhappy (or even frustrated), but you’re also shortchanging the people who could actually use your expertise.


When you hire the right digital marketing company, they let you focus on the things you’re passionate about within your business. And because they are passionate about digital marketing, it’s a fantastic win-win situation. 


Just like your customers hire you because you’re the expert in your field, hire a digital marketing company and let them be the experts in theirs.


Good Rep Media is the Digital Marketing Company You Need 

We are Good Rep Media, and we know how daunting it can feel to try to hire a marketing company you trust. We work with small businesses like yours because we understand what it takes to help small businesses truly succeed. 


We’re not a fast-talking, run-of-the-mill marketing company that’s just going to treat you like a number. We have a dedicated team that will treat your marketing as though it were our own. 


We help companies grow through digital marketing. Whether you need a new website, someone to manage your social media, or handle anything else digital marketing-related under the sun, we’re here to help. 


We understand that small businesses like yours are the backbone of the American economy, and we know that when you grow, it helps so many others. We believe that a rising tide raises all ships, and here at Good Rep, we’ll help you grow your business through the right kind of online exposure.


And we don’t break the bank. In fact, many small business owners don’t believe how affordable we are. It’s our mission to serve companies like yours with top-of-the-line marketing services at a price you can truly afford.


Let us help you today. A consultation is 100% free, and you have nothing to lose.


Call us now. 


Tim Kearney

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