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SMS Marketing: Quickest Way to Reach your Customers

Due to the increase of social media networks, apps, and texting, the average American’s searching habits tend to have a smartphone involved. 80% of people check their smartphones within 15 minutes of waking up. Even today’s generation prized communication is done through texting. Statistics have shown that 75% of millennials would much rather text than talk on the phone, let alone communicating with a business owner or an employee.  

Texting has become a popular way of communication because it is convenient for everyone. It is quick and less time-consuming than making a phone call.  A user can continue a conversation while looking on social media. Texting is even a way to reach out to people who are hearing impaired, making it a greater accessibility tool. 


When it comes to product research, 69% of users prefer to look up reviews on their phones rather than head to a physical store. If customers are reaching out to businesses this way, then don’t you think those businesses should reach out the same way back? With SMS marketing, businesses can connect with their clients on a more personal level, contacting their clientele almost immediately with a message that goes straight into their hands. This makes the customer feel important, feel heard when they have questions and feel confident in receiving a constant stream of communication and updates from you. 

SMS vs Email

90% of SMS is read within 30 seconds, making it a direct connection. Compared to emails, text messages hardly have a waiting time where only 20% of emails are even read.  Text messages have been dominating email mainly due to how people receive the two on their smartphones.

  • Instant Notification
    • With text messaging most smartphones are set to give an instant push notification, staying in place at the top of their phone until it is read. This gives the user a constant reminder that they have a message which needs attention. With email a user will most likely have to log into a separate app, giving the user one extra step. 
  • Less Spam
    • Emails have been around long enough for humans to realize they receive a lot of unnecessary advertisements. So much so that 49% of their mailbox is filled with spam. Due to this well-observed knowledge consumers rarely tend to open their emails to where texts are generally unconsidered as spam. 
  • Clickable Links
    • Due to the amount of spam building up in people’s online mailboxes it encourages users to less likely click the links that have been sent their way. With consumers being more conscious of who they give their phone number out to, they tend to click links 18% more than the links in their mailbox. 

Less Stressful

There is fundamentally less pressure to answer a text than there is with emails and phone calls. Emails tend to feel more professional, being represented more by work than with everyday life. When someone is reached by phone they are expected to answer and reciprocate with good speaking skills. When being contacted through text message there is a buffer of time where one can compose a comprehensive answer and is aware the other person on the other end doesn’t need an instant reaction back. 


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