SMS Marketing

We’ll come right out and say it. When it comes to the world of digital marketing, if you’re not using SMS campaigns to reach your customers, you’re making a big mistake. We’re not just talking about blasting your entire audience with a generic message– we’re talking about building bullet-proof, almost instant customer relationships using a platform that is unmatched in what it can do. Let us show you how SMS marketing very likely isn’t what you think it is, and why you need it in your marketing mix.

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Our Certifications

Our teams are experts when it comes to sending SMS campaigns. We’re certified in multiple areas of SMS marketing, including customer value optimization, community management, and direct response. Not only that, but we’re also fully compliant with all laws, and regulations, such as the TCPA and others. Don’t risk sending your campaigns with anyone else.

Are You Overlooking SMS?

Most companies don’t realize…

Your customers are probably checking their phones right now. The average American checks their mobile phone 47 times a day, and 97% of those people read their text messages within the first minute of delivery. So if you can send your audience a personalized, targeted message that begins a conversation, you’ve done something that is almost impossible nowadays– gotten their full attention on a platform you know they’ll check. The connection that SMS can bring between you and your customers is your new secret weapon. 

The True Key to SMS Success

Companies don’t realize the nuance of SMS messaging…

Most of the companies that we talk to think of SMS marketing as just another marketing channel to ‘blast their messaging to’, and frankly that’s a mistake. In fact, even if you have a massive SMS list that you’re able to send to, you should still think of each individual customer when crafting your campaigns. SMS marketing is a more personal marketing channel than you might think, and if you use it with care, you can reach your audience quickly and capture their full attention. Here at Good Rep, we know how to do just that. We deliver:

Carefully Crafted Campaigns

We successfully execute winning text message campaigns with many clients across various industries. We know how to write and strategically send SMS campaigns that are thoughtfully and excellently crafted to get you results that are measurable and profitable.

Targeted, Focused Messaging

Text message campaigns aren’t about ‘blasting ten thousand people’ and hoping to get results. We have the expertise and tools to send highly targeted messages to your SMS list depending on a number of factors. Sending focused, deliberate messaging leads to top-tier engagement and sales.

Why Do You Need SMS Marketing?

It can’t be overstated– text message marketing is one of– if not the most– effective channels you can use to connect with your customers right where they are. By using SMS campaigns that are carefully crafted, you can forge a true relationship with your audience and stay at the forefront of their minds. When used properly, SMS marketing can change the way you do business forever.

Here are just a few stats to consider when deciding on SMS marketing: 

  • 75% of cell phone users 44 years old and younger prefer texts from businesses 
  • Buyers open up SMS offers more than other kinds (like email for example)
  • 9 out of 10 people open up text messages 
  • 60%+ of all users will read a text message within 3 minutes of getting it
  • 45% of consumers report that they’re more likely to choose a brand/product from a company that has sent them SMS marketing.

    The list goes on and on. SMS marketing is one of the most intimate, reliable ways to reach your customers almost immediately.

    Why SMS Marketing is the Future

    It’s a Best Kept Secret

    You’d be surprised at how few companies actively use SMS campaigns in their regular marketing mix– but that number is changing. Every day, more and more companies are realizing that SMS marketing is a marketing channel that can cut through the noise. As this best-kept secret is discovered and adopted by more companies, will you be ahead of the curve?

    Conversation Sells

    More than ever, customers have grown accustomed to conversation commerce. This means that customers are expecting to have dynamic, real-time conversations with the companies they’re buying from. By using SMS marketing, you can open a clear, easy channel for your customers to speak directly to you by simply texting you back. If you’re not part of the conversational commerce movement, you’re losing sales.

    Next Level Personalization

    As we’ve mentioned, we’re able to target your SMS list with a vast number of criteria. Whether you’re sending them birthday wishes, offers based on and past purchases, or using their name in your marketing, we know that customization is key. But where SMS stands out from other platforms is its built-in intimacy with customers. When you pair personalization with the innate connection people already have with their mobile devices, it’s a winning mix.

    Quick and Easy Support

    Customers want support faster than ever– immediately if possible. And while the most common options for support are still important (things like phone calls and submitting support emails), there’s a better way. Due to its rapid nature, SMS message support options can give you a massive edge against competitors in an ever-shifting market, allowing you to improve customer retention rates, get better reviews, and increase customer loyalty.

    About Us.

    Here at Good Rep Media we understand how to devise, create, and send industry-leading SMS marketing campaigns.

    Why? Because it’s what we do for many clients– Every. Single. Day. We have the expertise and tools to help you build a stronger connection with your customers through the power of text message marketing. And what follows that? Increased engagement and sales.

    We’re also a group of real people who really care about your business. If you’re ready to have a conversation about how SMS marketing can change the way you do business, we’d love to talk.