Joe Delfgauw Presents:
Good Rep Media

A marketing company created with small businesses in mind

Joe Delfgauw Presents:
Good Rep Media

The Joe Delfgauw Perspective on Marketing

Hey everyone, I hope this article finds you well. I’m excited to announce one of my latest passion projects: Good Rep Media. Good Rep Media is my Grand Rapids, Michigan-based, affordable digital marketing company exclusively for small businesses.

Those of you who know me also know that I’m a self-professed ‘serial entrepreneur’, but this project hits a little nearer and dearer than some others. 


I understand better than most what it’s like to find a marketing company for a small or local business because that’s where I started. I used to be a line worker in Detroit, but pushed myself to go further, eventually becoming an award-winning affiliate marketer.


One thing I learned along the way is that so many marketing companies talk the talk, but so few walk the walk– especially when it comes to small businesses. In my experience, many of the agencies treated our start-ups as “small fish” while they were busy chasing their big, corporate “whales.”


That’s where Good Rep is different. We only focus on small businesses.

Good Rep Media Only Works With Small Businesses

I’ll shoot straight with you: we developed Good Rep so we could market our own brands reliably. 


I personally own more than 37 businesses (and counting) and have won the Top 12 Affiliate Marketers in the World award four times. I can’t afford to have a marketing company waste my time and money.


Here at Good Rep, I’ve taken all of my hard-won experience, and I’ve coupled it with hiring the very best in digital marketing talent. We stay hungry and are always pushing ourselves to stay ahead of the digital marketing curve. Isn’t that what you want for your small business? 


The Joe Delfgauw Promise

Good Rep Media is the company that I built from the ground up for small business owners just like you. You have my promise that we will not accept anything other than success for you and your company, and that we’ll always be transparent and ethical while getting you the very best results.


I’m excited to work with you. I think we can do great things together, and get your small business more customers. 


~ Joe Delfgauw

Joe Delfgauw presents Good Rep Media