The most powerful tool to get more customers.

We use social media advertising as a tool to launch small businesses and startups into success with proven image and video advertisements.

Online ads that get local visbility, traffic, and sales.

Image and video advertisements are the most powerful way to get eyes on your products or services,  and Good Rep knows how to get your ads in front of a hyper-targeted audience.

Good Rep Media Thumbs Up Logo


Good Rep Media Thumbs Up Logo


Good Rep Media Thumbs Up Logo


Good Rep Media Thumbs Up Logo



Industry Analysis

We’ll do an in-depth analysis of which social media platform works best for your type of business, and what type of advertisements work well for your industry.

Beyond that, we’ll work with you to see what makes your specific company unique in your market, in order to generate a campaign that highlights the reason why your business is the right choice.



Campaign Strategy

By combining our expertise with the information we gather about your industry and company, we’ll determine the perfect social media funnels, click flows, and calls to action for your campaign.

From there we’ll put together the perfect blueprint that spells out exactly where to invest your advertising budget to get a return on your investment.


Creative Production

One of the biggest challenges in social media advertising is standing out from the crowd. Our team will create your ads specifically to cut through the noise and get results.

Whether your campaign uses professional-grade images, videos, copywriting (or all three), we’ll implement your campaign in a way that gets you leads, sales, and a return on investment.



Continuous Results

We don’t just “run ads”, we’re looking to be long-term social media advertising partners and community neighbors. And the only way to do that, is getting you results that are measurable.

In addition to a continued return on investment, we’ll also continue to analyze and optimize your campaigns to improve the results. 

Social Media Advertising For Small Businesses

When you run ads with Good Rep, we don’t just keep you in the black – we keep you in the know. Here’s how we do small business, better:


Increased sales and revenue of your products/services


Increased local awareness of your business


Percentage-based pricing to help you grow & scale


Quick turnaround on launching campaigns & reporting results

Social Media Advertising
Features & Pricing



of Ad Spend


of Ad Spend

Unique Image Ads Created

Up to 10 images

Up to 20 images

Unique Video Ads Created

Up to 3 videos

Up to 5 videos

Number of Advertising Campaigns Managed Per Month

1 campaign

Up to 3 campaigns

Minimum Budget For Advertising Campaign(s) Per Month

$1000/month ($33/day)

$2000/month ($66/day)

Dedicated Social Media Advertising Manager

Weekly Advertising Campaign Success Meetings

Target Demographic & Audience Planning

Mobile Device Optimized Images and Videos

Ad Account Setup, Optimization, and Monitoring

Social Media Ad Comment Monitoring

Monthly Social Media Consultation